Apex Legends – Bloodhound Character Guide

Bloodhound is one the many legends in Respawn’s Apex Legends. Bloodhound is one of the more mysterious and passive characters in Apex. He’s not particularly interesting or quippy, but he has quite a backstory to him, involving his childhood on Talos and his father. In this guide, we will go over Bloodhound, their abilities and more.

Introducion And Lore

Bloodhound’s title in Apex Legends is the “Technological Tracker”. And they sure is that. They’re based on Edgar Alan Poe/Nordic legends with their bird Arthur, but with a space twist, as they use technology to hunt down and track their prey. Their origins were shrouded in mystery, and Respawn did this intentionally to give off a cold, mysterious vibe with this bounty hunter-esque legend. Questions about their gender have been sprung up too, yet the answer it’s currently unconfirmed.


Tactical: Eye Of The Allfather

Bloodhound’s Tactical is Eye of the Allfather. With Eye of the Allfather, Bloodhound can scan how many enemies are in a certain radius, which can serve useful when you and your team are holding a position.

Passive: Tracker

Bloodhound’s Passive is Tracker. With Tracker, they can see footsteps from enemies and also track how long ago those footsteps were printed. So with some basic planning, Bloodhound can determine where enemies could roughly be. They can also ping the footsteps so their teammates can see what they sees. 

Ultimate: Beast Of The Hunt

Bloodhound’s Ultimate is Beast of The Hunt. With Beast of The Hunt, they become a fierce and bloody hunter, with extra speed packaged with it as well to kill an enemy or two. You can also locate enemies with a red filter and see through smoke, which is very nifty. Since Bloodhound is a bloody and violent hunter, it’s reasonable that their Ultimate revolves around them becoming a more technologically-advanced hunter. 

Tips And Tricks

  • A character like Caustic or Bangalore serves well when playing with a Bloodhound, because if you find a team of enemies, Bloodhound can ignite the Beast of the Hunt, while Bangalore/Caustic can toss a smoke grenade to cloud the environment or provide lethal damage, so Bloodhound can take the kills. 
  • Ignite the Beast of the Hunt farther away from an opponent. The Ultimate lasts roughly 30 seconds, so that’s enough time to sprint and kill your prey.
  • Bloodhound, especially with Beast of the Hunt, works best with shotguns.
  • Ping as much as possible! Pinging with Bloodhound is very important because you and your team can use skills to find out the whereabouts of the enemy team.

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